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About Cherry Lets

We want you to love our local community as much as we do. Our promise to you as professional members of ARLA
is that we will look after you and make the process of renting in North Oxfordshire and South Northants as stress free as possible – so that you can begin your new life in our area of outstanding beauty.

our marketing methods

We are the ARLA Letting Agent of choice  in the market towns of Banbury, Chipping Norton, Bicester and Brackley. 

Our Landlords have a large range of properties, varying in size, style and location. Because of this we cover a wide geographical area comprising much of North Oxfordshire and South Northants.

This puts us in contact with a tremendous number of applicants, many of whom are looking to move from the towns out to the villages or vice versa.

Enquiries are dealt with by one very knowledgeable team.   All property specialists and able to assist with an array of queries, questions and ultimately remedy problems. 

Our Professional Photographers know the secret to taking great photographs.   Using the power of light to our advantage,  we offer stunning visuals to help captivate a viewer’s interest whether they are seeing the photography on a property portal, a bespoke brochure or social media. 

Showing off your property is something we take deep pride in to ensure we get right – because first impressions really do count!

Did you know a portion of viewers go to the floorplan first on property portals before they look at any other details? Often overlooked, a floorplan is a great piece of marketing as it helps give key information to potential Tenants who are interested to rent based on size and layout. 

Our marketing team take the time to research every property and the local area to provide a bespoke brochure for every property. 

This is all included in our packages and is something that really sets a property above the rest.

We produce extremely high quality brochures that incorporate a flowing description of the property and its surroundings, professional photography and a detailed floor plan. These are available in a variety of finishes.

Click here to view a recent bespoke brochure.

We advertise our properties on a wide variety of websites in addition to our own. This ensures that your property is seen by the maximum amount of people in our local area and nationally.  Our Applicant database is one of the most thorough in the area – this helps us find the perfect Tenant for you without delay.

We provide innovative marketing via social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram and YouTube, including carefully targeted advertising and custom made video content. This modern and highly effective approach ensures that we are able to engage with a rapidly growing number of Applicants who prefer to use social media to search for their ideal home.

Drone photography and video is another competitive advantage that we can offer to Landlords who wish to have this for their property.

We provide aerial drone photography and edited videos, so that viewers can see a birds-eye-view of the property to help with their decision making.

We know that not all people move just for the home but also for the area. We use our local connections and ongoing research to always know the great places of our lovely market towns and to build a full 360 view of the area and some of the great reasons people should move here.

Our Professional Memberships

ARLA Propertymark | The Property Ombudsman

Cherry Lets is a member of the Property Ombudsman and ARLA Property Mark. Cherry Lets memberships mean that guidelines are adhered to that ultimately provide greater protection for both Landlords and Tenants. Cherry Lets also has Client Money Protection.

property management

We support Landlords with properties in Banbury, Chipping Norton, Bicester and Brackley.  Our Landlords trust us to manage their properties, and look after their tenants with the same care.

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