Moving out of the property

At the end of the Tenancy, the Tenant will be required to attend a check-out process which will be arranged by the Agent. The check-out process will comprise a full inspection of the Property and Contents and any items missing, damaged or otherwise in a different state to their condition at the start of the tenancy will be recorded.

Moving out checklist:

  • Wake up early and have a good breakfast, because it may be the only normal meal for the day
  • Drop the children / pets with their sitter
  • Pack up the final bits
  • Load the van with boxes safely
  • Make a final sweep of the property and make sure it’s as clean as needed to pass the final inspection
  • Take readings of all gas, electricity and water meters and photograph them for proof
  • Make sure all windows and doors are locked
  • Make your way to your new, Cherry Lets rented property!
  • Complete the inventory document
  • Get the keys and start unpacking!

How to rent: A guide from the government