Like Marmite, gardening is a pastime that you either love or hate. Yet, the majority of us residing in North Oxfordshire & South Northants will certainly appreciate a beautiful garden in which to spend summer evenings in our new home. The opportunity to relax during one of those much yearned for balmy nights with a glass of fizz, listening to the birds retiring for the night as the sun dips down low on the horizon. When those days come, we are grateful, happy and content.

The chance to observe the bees, busily buzzing around Lavender, their banquet, and butterflies landing daintily on Buddleia – the butterfly bush! The smell of freshly mown grass as an aeroplane passes overhead. Or the scent of Sweet Peas on the breeze.

Then as Autumn arrives, we watch the trees morph from mighty and magnificent green giants to bare and gnarled woody sticks, twigs like pointy fingers in the slowly chilling air.

In Winter, we gaze at the intricate frost patterns that form on a fragile spider’s web strung between plants, snowdrops making themselves known and Winter Jasmine with its pretty yellow flowers.

Then Spring, when Summer is gently nudging its way quietly into the garden and a blanket of daffodils, crocuses, bluebells and tulips are a colourful sight to behold.

All of this is beautiful. It’s precious, yet as a non-gardener, the sight of a beautifully manicured garden might fill you with horror at the sheer effort of it all. Because a beautiful garden requires constant hard work and planning, right?

Not always! Follow these easy tips and you can enjoy a year round, relaxing outside space in your new home in North Oxfordshire & South Northants with minimal effort.

Become inspired

By planning how the garden in your new home might look, as the excitement builds and your creative juices awaken, you may automatically begin to feel more inspired to undertake the gardening work yourself – even if you are a novice gardener. Look at Pinterest and gardening magazines for inspiration and ideas – then transfer them to a mood board so that your design is ready to spring into life. For further inspiration, take a walk around the local area and notice other North Oxfordshire & South Northants homeowners gardens. Look at the types of shrubs and flowers they are planting and then incorporate those ideas in your own garden.

Watch the abundance of television shows dedicated to gardening and you are bound to learn easy ways to transform your own outdoor space whether your budget is large or small. This is such an easy and pleasurable way to pick up tips from the professionals!

Employ a gardener

This really is as simple as it sounds. It might appear to be cheating, but if you really don’t enjoy gardening or need some extra creative input, then it makes perfect sense to employ a professional to do it for you. Even if you get help with the initial landscaping and planting or only with the jobs you don’t like doing yourself. You don’t have to go the whole hog and hire a landscaper either – your local gardener or handyman will suffice if you are working to a tight budget.

Choose perennials

If you want complete gardening ease year after year, with this tip, you don’t even need to go to the trouble of planting bulbs year after year! Simply choose perennials. A perennial plant lives more than two years and will grow and bloom then die back only to return again each year. So, save time and choose flowers that will bloom yearly, but of course, do avoid anything that can’t remain outside all year round.

Scatter wildflower seeds

For minimal effort, and flowers that return every year without fail, purchase packets of wildflower seeds and scatter them randomly throughout your borders. They will grow in next to no time and are usually very hardy – not to mention extremely pretty. Wildflowers attract wildlife and insects and will add extra interest to your garden.

Involve your children

If you are really averse to gardening, then teach your children to love gardening and create a pretty outside area together. A small task such as scattering wildflower seeds and watching them grow, is fun and will fill them with pleasure, and they will simultaneously create a beautiful space for you.

Perhaps then, creating a beautiful, low maintenance garden for your new home in North Oxfordshire & South Northants is not so daunting or difficult for non-gardeners after all! These options are simple short cuts that can go some way at least to ensuring your North Oxfordshire & South Northants garden is the haven you deserve in your new home, but with minimal effort required.