All landlords want a good tenant. Even better is a good tenant who wishes to rent your property for a long time as it means you won’t be faced with rental voids or the stress of frequently having to find new tenants. Long-term tenants also tend to take better care of properties as they are more likely to treat them like their homes rather than as just temporary accommodation.

So how can you find your perfect tenant? Here at Cherry Lets we know that the best way to attract your ideal tenant is through targeted marketing and consistent good service. So what does that mean?

Identify your perfect tenant

A listing is just like a dating profile. If your ideal tenant finds the listing for your property online and doesn’t like the look of it then they won’t bother to consider it. So first take some time to think about who your ideal tenant is and then consider if there is anything you can do to make your property and your online advert more attractive to them.

Location, location, location

Highlight the proximity of the local services and attractions that your ideal tenants would use. For example if you would like to rent to students then mentioning the distance to the university would be a good start. For families let them know which school’s catchment area your property falls within and for young professionals focus on distance to transport links and local nightlife.

Take an objective look

Try to see your property through the eyes of a potential tenant. Is your property in need of a fresh coat of paint or are there things that you have been meaning to fix but haven’t got around to yet? Things like this can be a red flag for a tenant as it may give them the impression that you are a neglectful landlord.


Look at similar properties in your area to ascertain what your competition is offering and make sure that you are not trying to set your rental price too high in comparison to them. Good tenants always have their pick of properties so do not price yourself out of their search by setting your rent too high. It can also lead to it taking longer to find tenants so the rental void may cancel out any gain you make from the higher price.

Choose your letting agent carefully

If you want good, long-term tenants then choosing the right agent to manage your property long-term is as important as choosing an agent who will be able to market your property well and find tenants fast. The key to getting long-term tenants is to treat them well and if your managing agent does not do that then you will have a high turnover of tenants and word will soon get around amongst tenants that it is unwise to rent through that particular agent reducing your pool of potential tenants. Here at Cherry Lets we have been responsible for managing hundreds of properties in North Oxfordshire and South Northants and our happy landlords and tenants are proof that we truly are agents who care.

If you are a landlord and would like to discuss how we can help you both find good tenants and keep them long-term or are a potential tenant looking for a property to rent in North Oxfordshire and South Northants then please give us a call on 01869 337346 and we will be delighted to help you.