We’ve been wrapping up because we know how to keep ourselves warm and in tip-top condition in cold weather, but we also know how hard it is to do the same when it comes to our own homes! Our home is one of the most important financial commitments we will ever make and yet we are all guilty of sometimes neglecting our biggest purchase and failing to invest in a valuable asset.

You’ll know there are jobs that need doing inside and outside your home, but you’ve probably been putting them off! Yes, we are guilty of that too!

At Cherry Lets we have been discussing all those annoying little jobs and chores that we all should be doing now, knowing that spring is just around the corner. So, here are our seven tips to help you get organised and prepare for what will hopefully be a better year ahead.

1.See Clearly

Winter weather often leaves windows looking dull and grubby and windowsills in need of a wipe down. Window cleaners often don’t work when it is icy which makes perfect sense, so you should be giving your ground floor windows at least a once over. This will give you a crystal-clear view of the outdoors and help keep your home looking great from the outside too.

2.Spring into Action

The chances are that your North Oxfordshire & South Northants property will need a really good spring clean to get rid of the build up of grime that seeps into our homes. Make sure the hallways and stairs are vacuumed properly, getting into all the nooks and crannies, and if you notice any stains, now is the time to get on top of them.

3.Clean up After Walks

If you’ve got a pet dog and you regularly go out for muddy walks, it’s important to keep your carpets and flooring clean from dirt and rogue bugs that sneak in. Always clean up mud and dirt straight away so that it does not become ingrained. And it’s not just muddy paws! You may also have muddy boots yourself, so give them a hose down outside or if you need to store them indoors, use plastic floor coverings when you enter the house.

4.Paint a New Look

Stairs and bannisters see a lot of wear and tear and front doors and windowsills are open to the elements so can easily start to look tired. These can all be painted though, which is a relatively cheap and easy way to make your house look fresh.

5.Get Your Garden Ready

As winter closes and spring edges ever closer, it is time to think about your garden. The chances are you may have neglected it as the weather turned inclement, but now it is the time to get your green-fingers out, or at least get your thinking cap on and start tidying up. Sweep up, check your guttering and down-pipes, pull up any dead plants and tidy the shed so that your garden furniture is easily accessible in anticipation of sunnier days!

6.Complete Niggly Jobs!

When it is cold outside, you will have the heating on more often and hot water on demand ready for a nice hot bath at the end of a long day. Your boiler and central heating works harder in the winter so it’s important you get your heating system regularly serviced by a certified professional. Now is the time to get that yearly service booked in.

7.Clear Your Gutters

When the windy weather comes, leaves and moss can be blown into your gutters and downpipes. Left unchecked, blockages can happen causing damage and flooding so you should clear your gutters regularly. While you’re doing that, also clean up driveways and paths that may have a build-up of moss on them.

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