COVID Information - Advice from Cherry Lets

Dear All,

As you may be aware there have been further announcements from the Government in relation to the property industry (please see link below) and working in people’s homes (please find attached here).
This does not represent a return to normality – we are adapting processes and procedures to ensure that the risk of spread of Covid-19 is reduced as far as possible. The health and safety of all parties is paramount and please do be assured by this in our adaption of new processes and procedures.

Property Inspections

With property inspections, these will continue to be carried out remotely and contactless.  We have so far found that these are working well, and that this does reduce risk in being contactless for all parties.

Change in Maintenance Procedures regarding non urgent issues

Where we have outstanding non-urgent maintenance, this can now be carried out in accordance with new guidance from the government.    That where not possible, to complete repairs in between tenancies, that this should be done by appointment with measures put in place to ensure physical contact is minimised, for example with residents staying in another room during the visit and that the government guidelines on social distancing and working in people’s homes are adhered to.  
We will only instruct contractors where they have confirmed that they will adhere to all guidelines.
As always, we are aware that some Tenants are Shielding or Self Isolating and that there may be the requirement to postpone works; in addition, Tenants may prefer that where the works are non urgent that these are also postponed and we will discuss as these arise.   All reported maintenance and actions will be documented.   Where postponed this will be regularly monitored and where possible, quotes and estimates will be obtained to enable works to be completed when possible.

Viewings and Letting of Properties

The government gives detailed guidance on safely letting, which in light of the current situation, Cherry Lets have adopted procedures for the safely letting of empty properties.    As an agency we have already been adapting our processes and will continue to do so and add to these the following:

  • Step 1:   An initial vetting process – this is to ensure that in line with government guidance that the applicant is likely to be accepted and is genuinely interested in the property.
  • Step 2: Virtual viewing.
  • Step 3: Contactless in person viewings on empty properties – with full health and safety policy agreed with the Applicant and health questions prior to the viewing.   With Cherry Lets adhering to our policies and prior consent from our Landlord regarding the contactless process.

We will be adhering to government guidelines including social distancing and increased cleanliness measures for the safety of all, always.

In between Tenancies

The guidance also requires that a vacant property is thoroughly cleaned prior to moving in, on the basis of the previous occupants not self-isolating or shielding or having symptoms of Covid- 19.

Check outs and Check In

We have adapted procedures for each of the above, with each being contactless and with adherence to full health and safety policies including hygiene.

We also have advice and guidance on a case by case situation for all our properties at Cherry Lets so please call us on 01869 337346.

Please do see the following:

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