COVID Information - Advice from Cherry Lets

Dear All,

While many of the legal restrictions that the government has imposed through the pandemic have been lifted, guidance will remain, making it clear this is not yet a return to normal.

Here at Cherry Lets,  the health and safety of all parties are paramount.

There have been further updates to guidance including but not limited to the following:

As always please do advise if you or any members of your household have symptoms of Covid or are self isolating so that appointments can be postponed.

Property Inspections

With property inspections, these will now be carried out in person.  Where there is a preference or a requirement, we will continue remotely -  processes and working tools are used to assist in the validity;  the co-operation of Occupants has been and continues to be paramount to the success.

Maintenance Procedures

As always, we are aware that some occupants may request that works are postponed and we are here to discuss on a case by case basis.   All reported maintenance and actions are documented.   Where postponed we regularly monitor and where possible, quotes and estimates are obtained to enable works to be completed when possible.

Viewings and Letting of Properties

Cherry Lets have modified procedures for the safely letting of properties.  As an agency we have been adapting our processes and will continue to do so, our current process is:

  • Step 1: An initial vetting process – this is to ensure that in line with government guidance that the Applicant is likely to be accepted and is genuinely interested in the property. 
  • Step 2: Virtual viewing.
  • Step 3: Contactless in-person viewings on properties (with the property unoccupied at the time of viewing)– with full health and safety policy agreed with the Applicant. 

We are adhering to government guidelines including social distancing and increased cleanliness measures for the safety of all, always.  

In between Tenancies

The guidance also requires that a vacant property is thoroughly cleaned prior to moving in, on the basis of the previous Occupants, not self-isolating or shielding or having symptoms of Covid- 19.

Checkouts and Check-In

We have procedures for each of the above, with each being contactless and with adherence to full health and safety policies including hygiene.

Visits to our office

At this time, all visits are by appointment and only after all means of communication (i.e. email, mail, video call, phone call) have been exhausted.    Where carried out, this is with full adherence to all guidance and we will ask that attendees wear a face covering (unless exempt) and a maximum of two persons from the same household.

Market Appraisals

For our new and existing Landlords, please be assured that Market Appraisals will continue.  As you would expect we have processes in place for the health and safety of all and we offer the choice of a Contactless or Virtual Market Appraisal of your property (the latter using remote working tools).

Our foremost concern is to keep clients and staff safe.

Please talk to us on 01869 337346 or email if you have any questions or concerns.

We are here to help and support all our clients, and we hope you, your friends and family remain safe and healthy.