No two properties are the same, just as no two tenants are the same, which is why it’s really important to us that we do a spot of matchmaking to ensure we have both happy landlords, and happy tenants. Here’s how we go about marketing a vacant property. 

Lovely photos

First impressions really do count. This has become especially important during the pandemic when people looking for homes are conducting more of their search online before booking viewings. Professional photography is so important, because not only do stunning images capture the attention of people scrolling through listings, professional property photographers also know how to best highlight the personality of a property, helping someone looking at the listing to get a feel for it before choosing whether or not to visit. 

Well-presented information

When someone’s looking to move, they’re not only looking at the property itself, they’re looking at what the local area has to offer them as well. That’s why for every property on our books, we create a high-quality, detailed brochure with plenty of detailed information about the property as well as its location. 

We cover a large area

We’re really lucky in that the properties we manage are incredibly varied, and cover a big area geographically. This means that as far as tenants are concerned, we really are likely to have something that suits them, this means the number of applicants we get contacting us looking for a property is significant, and often when a new landlord joins us or a property we manage becomes vacant, we often have the ideal tenants in mind before it even goes to market.

We’re hot online

We advertise across the web - not just our own website, again maximising the number of people who get to see what properties we have on offer. 

We also use Social Media including Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube. We not only use these to promote properties, but we make videos about what the local area has to offer in terms of things like businesses, community spaces, and transport - all popular with people moving or looking to move to Banbury, Chipping Norton, Bicester, and Brackley - all towns where we’re the letting agent of choice. 

We do all of these things to reach the biggest number of potential tenants possible, and pair the right ones with your property. 

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