What does a letting agent actually do?

You’ve found and bought a property; perhaps you’ve upgraded or even refurbished it. You’ve no doubt spent time, effort and money on it.

All you need now is a tenant. Preferably one who will pay the rent on time, look after your property and stay for a while.

It’s tempting to wonder if you can manage the letting process yourself – find and vet a suitable tenant – and also to take on the management of the tenancy yourself. After all, the management fee is a sizeable chunk of your monthly rent. But would a DIY approach be a shrewd financial saving or a potential logistical and legal headache?

Whenever we talk to our happy landlords, we hear the same thing: “We’re so glad you’re doing it for us!” They just don’t want to have to take on the role of a letting agent. But what exactly is that role? What does a letting agent actually do?  This month we will be taking you through what we do at Cherry Lets.

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