This morning the National Residential Landlords Association (NRLA) published updated coronavirus guidance for landlords across the UK to reflect the new three-tiered system that is taking place across England. While the government legislation hasn’t been updated since 21st September 2020 ( the NRLA have some new best practice guides.

“These restrictions change the number of households that can meet each other in a social setting but they do not prevent landlords or their contractors from visiting a property to perform work. However, your tenants may be reluctant to allow you to access the property in those areas making your management of the property more difficult.” - NRLA

Currently, Banbury and surrounding areas are still in tier 1 so while not much has changed since our last update to our landlords, it is always good to keep the latest information to hand in case anything should change for our area.

The update on the NRLA guidance can be found in full here:

If you would like to call us and speak to one of the friendly Cherry Lets team, they would be more than happy to go over any information relating to guidance for landlords and if you are a landlord not currently represented by Cherry Lets please feel free to contact us for advice or more information on our property management to ensure you have the correct legislation in place.